Staff Augmentation

  • Provide resources for deployment within projects to augment resources needed. Personnel with various levels of expertise are available, to quickly staff projects.

  • Our resources are available on contract and contract to hire basis.

  • Contract

    Our highly skilled developers and analysts are available for deployment within your projects, enabling you to fulfill your needs for specific periods of time. Personnel at various levels of expertise are available, enabling you to quickly staff up your projects.

    We provide technical personnel on a contractual basis to address specific projects and needs. These professionals are Datamart employees and contracted to you on an assignment basis. Once the initial contract expires our Consultant is available first for contract extension, placement in other areas of your company as needed, or assignment within another organization.


    When needs change to require both short and long term solutions within the same position, the Contract-to-Hire concept of hiring is very successful. This allows Management to evaluate the candidate’s strengths and capabilities, expertise and aptitude.

    When a contract expires and both the client and the candidate desire a conversion to permanent status, the client makes an offer of permanent employment to the candidate. Once accepted, the conversion to permanent employment takes place.

    Under this arrangement, the Client agrees to contract a Consultant's service for an agreed time after which the Client has the option of offering direct employment at a reduced fee or no fee depending on the duration of the contract period. A Client offer is subject to acceptance by the Consultant. This provides a period of mutual evaluation before a longer-term commitment is made.